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Benefits of Choosing Sun Frog’s Sealers 

Sun, rain and snow damage unsealed decks.  They also look dry and neglected.   To prevent your otherwise beautiful deck from getting damaged quickly, you must maintain it! Staining and sealing your exterior wood will give it a new and cared for look, while also physically protecting it. A quality oil based sealer and stain can work wonders and Sun Frog Exterior Wood Sealer, Finish and Stain is a leading option.   Deck Builder Magazine, one of the top magazines providing Professionals the latest news on deck products, twice recommended Sun Frog as one of the best wood sealers and stain available according to their testing, our product offering moisture protection, color retention, and less effort on re-do than most others. To read their article, Click Here:

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Sun Frog Protects Your Wood- It Locks Oils in and Water Moisture  Out

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The biggest enemies of a wooden decks and other structures are Sun and Water.  If your deck is not sealed properly, water will enter through its surface, causing swelling. During hot weather, water in the wood evaporates, causing it to shrink. This swelling/shrinking process causes wood to crack and twist more than would occur with well sealed wood.  Sealers promote dimensional stability AND improve your wood's appearance.  Utilizing transparent oxide pigments like Sun Frog does also buffers UV Sun Damage and adds aesthetic color, too.  Decks and other natural exterior wood investments are are expensive to build and more and more expensive to replace so seal them when they're new and maintain their seals over time!   Your first year's seal on new wood is the hardest to get to last since the wood hasn't "opened up" for penetration of much sealer.  After the first year, repeat seals however, especially ours, should last 2 or 3 years before needing to be re-done.  Rule:  When sealing, apply as much sealer as the wood will take in ONE overall application (wet on wet if soaking in still is taking place), then lightly rag any excess and let dry 48 hours before using.  Good to go!

Sun Frog Beautifies Your Wood

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Cleaned & Brightened
Stained & Sealed!

If your wooden deck looks dry and weathered,  first clean it with Sun Frog Deck Cleaner,  then brighten it

with Sun Frog Born Again, then seal and color enhance it with our Exterior Wood Sealer, Finish and Stain!   


1, 2, 3!  Looking Old to Looking Good!  Be Good To Your Wood and It Will be Good To You!

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