3 Benefits of Choosing Sun Frog’s Deck Stains that You Should Know as a Homeowner

Harsh environmental conditions i.e. sun and rain increase damage to decks and cause a worn-out if not fended against by using a great quality Sealer.   Do you want well-maintained house on the inside but the outside to look poor from a dull and faded deck?    To prevent your otherwise beautiful deck from getting damaged quickly, you must maintain it! Staining your deck from time to time is something that will give it a new and polished look while also physically protecting it. A good deck sealer and stain can work wonders and Sun Frog Exterior Wood Sealer, Finish and Stain is a leading option.   Deck Builder Magazine, one of the top magazines providing Professionals the latest news on deck products, recommends Sun Frog as one of the best quality wood sealers and stain.. According to their testing, Sun Frog offers moisture protection, color retention, and requires less effort than most others to be re-applied. To read for yourself their article, Click Here:

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The following are some pros of staining your deck with Sun Frog’s top-notch deck stains. So, let's go through them in detail.

Locks Oils in, Water Moisture  Out

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The biggest enemies of a wooden deck are Sun and Water and decks have to face them almost every day. If your deck is not stained and sealed properly, water will minimally enter through its surface, reducing its swelling. During hot weather, under the Sun, water moisture of the wood evaporates, causing it to shrink. In this swelling/shrinking process wood loses its integrity and cracking and twisting occurs. More cracking means more water invasion, which leads to more deterioration and ultimately wood rot.   Use of Sun Frog's oil system minimizes cracking, enhances beauty and stabilizes wood, usually for 1-3 years of Decking and Wood Furniture, 5-7 years on Siding and Fencing.

Protects the Wood

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Good quality stains and sealers, if used properly, protect the wood from water-caused rotting and sun-caused surface fiber deterioration. If your wooden deck has old stains, first remove them with a good Cleaner like Sun Frog Deck Cleaner,  then maybe brighten the wood with a product like our Born Again Color Rejunevating Crystals, then reseal with our Exterior Wood Sealer, Finsih and Stain!   1, 2, 3!  Old wood to Looking Good!  Be Good To Your Wood and It Will be Good To You!