3 Benefits of Choosing Sun Frog’s Deck Stains that You Should Know as a Homeowner

Harsh environmental conditions i.e. storm and rain increase the damage rate of decks and give them a really worn-out look that doesn’t look good at all. How would it feel if you have a well-maintained and nice house from the inside but the outside look is totally marred by a dull and faded deck? So, it is essential to give as much thought and importance to your house’s exterior as much you are giving to the interior of your house. To prevent your beautiful deck from getting damaged too soon, you must look into its maintenance. Staining your deck from time to time is something that you should do as it will give a new and polished look to your deck and will also protect it. A good deck sealer and stain can work wonders on it. Sun Frog Wood Sealers is a leading and renowned provider of reliable and high-quality wood stains and sealers. Our deck stain colors are made to give deck wood a smooth finish and long-lasting protection. Even Deck Magazine, one of the most famous and top magazine providing latest news on deck products, recommends us as one of the providers of best quality wood stains. According to their testing, our stains offer moisture protection, color retention, and require less effort to be applied. To know more about why Deck Magazine recommends us for high-quality deck stains, give the following article a read. Click Here

The following are some pros of staining your deck with Sun Frog’s top-notch deck stains. So, let's go through them in detail.

Locks Moisture

The biggest enemies of a wooden deck are Sun and water but the deck wood has to face them almost every day. If your deck is not stained and sealed properly, water will easily enter through its surface which will end up in its swelling. During hot weather, under the Sun, the moisture of the wood evaporates, causing it to shrink. In this shrinking and swelling, wood loses its moisture and becomes dry which leads to its cracking. To prevent your deck from cracking, it is imperative to use high-quality deck sealer and stain as they lock the moisture of wood and prevent it from evaporating. Oil-based stains provide a wooden deck with the moisture it needs and sealer seals it for a long time. In this way, one can lock the moisture of wooden decks for many years.

Protects the Wood

Good quality stains and sealers, if used properly, protect the wood from rotting and damaging. If your wooden deck has old stains, first removing wood stain with good quality products is important. When you are done with removing old stains, your deck is ready to be treated with a new stain. Stain brings a rich and natural wood color while the sealer protects the stain as well as the wood. Sealing the deck with the right products can give it a long-lasting life. It also provides protection to the wood against outside barriers such as rain, snow, heat, and dust.

Improves the Appearance

Deck stains and sealers not only protect the wooden deck from damage, but they also improve the appearance of a deck. After removing wood stain that’s been peeling off, your deck is ready to be stained with good quality deck stain colors. Deck stains come in a variety of different shades, you should select the one which suits your house’s style and exterior. Moreover, it also depends on the wood type from which your deck is constructed. If you choose the shade of the stain wisely, you will see how it will drastically lift up the beauty of your wooden deck by improving its overall appearance.