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Sun Frog has been making Natural Wood Maintenance and Sealer/Finish/Stain products for over 30 years now (Phew, Time Flies!) and a lot of customers tell us that BY FAR our sealers are the best they have used.
We formulate for performance, ease of use, product safety, re-do ability AND A NATURAL LOOK!  As such we don't use Acrylics, Silicone or Urethane, ingredients which can OVERPROTECT in a way that you may not like OR, when it needs to be re-done, requires caustic and expensive Strippers or Sanding AND MUCH MORE LABOR to remove and replace- BAD CHOICE!  Instead, we use an Oils based formula that Penetrates to Moisturize and Protect while Looking Natural, Lasting Long, and being easier to re-do when that time comes (for you.

All exterior woods and their protective sealers/finishes WEATHER from sunlight (UV), wind, rain and standing water, snow, dirt & foot traffic. Mother Nature and use age takes a toll every day!  Hard, shiny SURFACE coatings, paint and semi-transparent stains all eventually crack, chip, peel or wear non-uniformly, and are work and expense intensive to re-do. Also, when wood gets wet Paint, Film Finishes and solid body stains lock in moisture in the wood, encouraging wood rot.  Our penetrating sealers protect your wood from the inside, keeping water out while accentuating your wood's beauty. "All good", in today's jargon: 
We make staying with Wood A GREAT CHOICE.

Thank You Sun Froggers!

Great Wood Sealers Made in Portland Since 1991!
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