Whose Sun Frog? 
We're a Portland, Oregon Wood Care Company and We've Been in Business Since 1991 Making Great Wood Protection Products:

At Sun Frog:

We've always strived for performance, conditional on product safety and NOT using ingredients like Acrylics, Silicone & Urethane, which can OVERPROTECT in a way that either you may not like OR, when your wood no longer LOOKS GOOD or IS NO LONGER WATER AND SUNLIGHT PROTECTED, requires the use of Caustic Strippers or outright sanding to remove- Bad Choice!  All exterior woods and their protective sealers/finishes WEATHER from standing water &/or snow, sunlight UV damage, foot traffic, etc.  Mother Nature takes a toll every day!  Hard, shiny SURFACE coatings, and paint and semi-transparent stains all eventually (some soon) crack, chip, peel or wear non-uniformly AND ARE EXPENSIVE AND DIFFICULT TO REPLACE.  Put the finest piece of well finished furniture out on your deck for a year and "Goodwill here we come"!  Using penetrating oil-based sealer/finishes protect your woods from the inside (!) and to a degree are protected by the wood. They are simply "the way to go" for exposed Wood Decks, Railings, Wood Furniture, Gazebos, Fences, Siding and Log walls too.


Rule: On outdoor exposed Natural Woods, you should want penetration and non surface film protection! Sun Frog's Sealers Penetrate & Protect in the top few 100th's of the wood surface, STRONGLY (by being NOT OVERLY THINNED)! 

Lastly:  At Sun Frog we've been making Natural Wood Maintenance and Sealer/Finish products for almost 30 years.  Complaints will drive a company's people crazy or drive it out of business.  WE'RE STILL HERE!  We get few complaints and have a lot of customers that tell us that BY FAR ours are THE BEST products they have used!  That is the wind in our sails in this era of Composite Decking and Vinyl Siding! We help sticking with Natural Wood A GREAT CHOICE! 

Here you can see the process of making Weathered Wood Look Good: 


1st, Use of our Deck Cleaner

 2nd, Use of our Born Again * and,

3rd Use of our Deck Sealer.



Weathered Wood to Looking Good!


*We don't ship Born Again because of its plastic container.  For older decks buy a hardware store Brightener Only  locally.  

For Siding & Log Homes

         For Decks

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