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Fences play an important role in houses and it is more than just adding beauty. They provide privacy and ensure the safety of the kids as well as pets. Moreover, a fence also helps to block wind in storms and reduces noise. If you want to have all these advantages from your fence, it is important to construct it in the right way, and also, one should know which is the best wood fence material. Wood comes in many natural forms but not all of them are right for building a fence. A fence should be strong enough to meet all your safety needs along with adding an aesthetic statement to your house.

Why is Wood the Best Fence Material?

There are multiple reasons due to which wood is considered as the best material to build a fence. Wood is not very expensive as compared to other materials such as vinyl and aluminum. Furthermore, it is also very light in weight as compared to these heavy elements. Due to this property of wood, it is easy to cut it into any desired shape which means you can give any design and shape you like to your fence. Wood can also survive in any weather conditions if you apply the best deck stain for weathered wood. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, wood is being used in the fencing of houses for ages. The point which needs attention is that not all types of wood can be used as fencing material. Only a few types of wood come into the forms that are suitable for building a fence.

Once you are done with the measurements for your fence, the next step is to choose materials for it. As already mentioned above, wood is chosen over other materials for its aesthetic value but it comes in many natural forms. All types of wood cannot be used for constructing a fence around a house, only a few types of wood are recommended depending upon their rot and weather resistance. Some types of wood that are considered as the best wood fence material are Pine or Fir- Pressure Treated Woods, Redwood, Cypress and Cedar, and Spruce.

Best Deck Stains for Weathered Wood

Either it is your fence or deck, weathered wood does not look nice when it gets damaged. In order to save weathered wood, one should use top quality stains to prevent it from rotting and decaying. It is a whole process in which homeowners need to clean, strip, and then stain the wooden surface. Sun Frog provides the best deck stain for weathered wood which will give your wood an aesthetic look as well as long life. It is suggested to apply colored stains instead of a transparent coat over your wooden surface if it is old. We have top-quality stains that come in many natural colors such as dark teak, cedar tone, brown, redwood tone, and mahogany tone. These stains will not only add color to your weathered wood but will also prevent it from damage. They are made of materials that are needed by old woods for recoloring and damage control. Since we bring the best deck stain colors for weathered wood, now there is no need for replacement of the whole deck or fence.