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Note: Due to formulation restrictions we can't ship to California counties Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Riverside or Orange- Sorry!

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Here's you Current Order, but Please Read:

Your information is important and we take your security seriously.  We do not share any of your information to 3rd party companies.  

To order from Alaska and Hawaii, an additional shipping charge is necessary.  Call us for pricing and processing.   
Your order (Except for Samples) Must be $80 or it will be reversed.

Pre-ship Cancellation Requests will be honored but charged our 3.5% Credit Card hit- The Credit Card Companies KEEP IT so we can't give it back, sorry.  

2 or more 5-Gallon Pail Orders qualify for a FREE Sun Frog Logo'd T-Shirt,
a 9" Stain or 12" Pad, so......
tell us what you want in the "Add a Note" section on the Cart and, if you want a shirt, LET US KNOW THE SIZE TO SEND.  We want to improve your seal AND MAYBE ADVERTISE FOR US AFTERWARD (IF THE SHIRT ISN'T OVERLY STAINED WHEN YOU'RE DON)E!

Thank You!

Thank You!

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