Wood vs. Composites, which is Better?

Wood provides homeowners the most natural solution for their household functionality needs, both interior or exterior. As a natural, form-fitting  material,  it's great outdoors for making decks, fences, planters, furniture and other structures. Unlike Composites which absorb sun and get hot, frequently getting wavy between joist supports and being too hot to walk on without shoes, wood is less dense and absorbs less heat, so it doesn't get prohibitively hot or deform between joists.  While it may take more maintenance to keep it in the best of condition, it is a condition that is hard to beat from its ability to make one "feel comfortable" when around it.   Maintenance of wood frequently becomes a "labor of love" because wood is more than just functional.  It can give back in good feelings what we put into it in effort and expense.  Like a favorite pair of cotton jeans or cotton shirt, while they may need washing more frequently than polyester, WE DO IT ANYWAY because they make us feel good when we wear them.  They are Natural and like able because of that!  Maintaining your Exterior Woods do the same thing for us and Sun Frog helps maintain them beautifully and with minimal effort and reasonable expense.