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Comparison with Others 

As you can see, Major Brand competitors just can't beat the quality and value of Sun Frog!

SF vs Penofin.jpg
Screenshot (8).jpg
Before Steps.heic
Sun Frog-  I  want to share with you some photos showing longer term performance of Sun Frog.  One year in, the stain is holding up well and is significantly better than the Penofin I had been using for years.  Penofin goes on easily and looks great but deteriorates within a year and requires annual maintenance. The Sun Frog is equally stunning when applied but shows much better performance over the winter, basic clean up this Spring and I’m good for year 2.

Thanks, Sun Frog!
Comparison Steps After 1 Year.heic
2017 Deck Builder Magazine Front_edited.


Sun Frog Rated in Top 5

Amongst National Brands


Professional Deck Builder Magazine

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