Deck Stain and Sealer

To give your exterior wooden items such as the deck, fence, or outdoor doors, a long-lasting finish, it is important to make use of high-quality products. SunFrog has been proudly providing top quality exterior stains and sealers used by professionals for a long time.

We are famously known all over Portland US for our highest quality products.

We are committed to bringing the products which give your wood a long-lasting and smooth finish at very economical rates.

Our high-quality deck stains and sealers are used by professionals and by those homeowners who want to give a pro finish to the exterior of their houses.

We guarantee that our products give high-end wood restoration that will breathe a new soul into your old wooden deck, fences, and doors. SunFrog is considered as one of the best stores in Portland for buying home depot deck stains and has become the largest seller of wooden deck sealers and stains. If you want to protect your expensive wood, grab our products today and give your wood what it deserves. 

Sun Frog Provides Solution to All Your Wood Stain Problems 

No doubt wood is a tough material but it still loses its durability after a few years. In order to keep the exterior wood in its best possible condition, using good products for its longevity is imperative. SunFrog manufactures the products which have proved the best solution for all the wooden problems. 

Exterior stains and sealers are specifically manufactured to maintain and restore the natural form of wood. They contain all the things needed to replenish a wooden surface thus, play a vital role to keep up the natural look of a wooden surface. 

We know that doors and fences also play a good role in determining the exterior look of a residence therefore, our products are not limited to the deck of your property.

We have the best quality exterior door stains and sealers, and they have all the needed ingredients to make your doors look eye-catching. Moreover, fences also play a major role in maintaining the overall look of a house, which is why we carefully manufacture wood fence stain and sealers so that your house looks attractive even from the outside.

Restore Your Outdoor Wood with Our Top Quality Products 

Many decks and fences are made up of hardwoods that are dense enough to make the penetration of sealers difficult. For these types of tough wooden surfaces, SunFrog offers oil-based deck stains and sealers which penetrate deep inside the wood and give them long-lasting protection. 

After their application, our composite deck sealers lock the ingredients inside the wooden surface and give a lustrous shine whether it’s deck or fence.

The composite deck sealer is highly durable and gives a highly transparent finish to wooden surfaces. It effectively prevents black stains which are found on old wood, from returning and also protects the wood from the harmful effects of UV rays, water, and fungus.

Furthermore, we also have a variety of wood fence stains, which go well with the exterior look of your house. Make the exterior look of your house appealing than ever with Sun Frog’s top quality products.

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