Give Your Wooden Deck a Perfect Look With Our Top Quality Deck Stain Colors 

The Colors in our Sealers/Stains are from  our incorporation of the best in U.V. Pigments into our formulas.   These pigments are "transparent", so beyond a "Tone" that is established in your seal (like sun glasses), they still allow visible light through.  With them you still see its grain, knots, etc., while the invisible U.V. Energy of sunlight is filtered, and reduced, resulting in a longer lasting seal and finish.  


Sun Frog Colors:


Clear- Least U.V. protective.  See below *.


Cedar Tone-  Yellow and Red Transparent pigments are added to achieve a Gold shaded tint.  

Redwood Tone-  Just Red pigment is used.  Usually too "red toned" (for most people) on blonde woods like new Cedar and Pine,  BUT GREAT ON DARKER WOODS AND REDWOOD!


Mahogany Tone-  A combination of Red and Brown pigments for a less red, red.   


Dark Teak-  More Brown is added, and a bit of Black,  to "kick over" Mahogany Tone to a darker, even less reddish color.

Brown-  More dark pigment is added.  This is the darkest, and BROWNEST, stain we make.  Lot's of sun blocking resistance, though, which brings greater durational benefit!

*-   Some people will reach for "Clear" (also frequently called "Natural") since they have had past problems with pigmented products.  As such, we make Clear with very little (though some) U.V. pigment.  We don't recommend it relative to our colored versions due to less durational performance, but we still make it for those we can't convince to use one of our colored versions.

Pick Your Favorite Tone from Our Wide Range of Stains- Order our Samples from our Products Page and Find (or develop by mixing samples) the Color Most Right for you!  

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