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Give Your Wood a "Protected But Natural Look" With Our Top Quality Tonal Sealers 

We use the best U.V. Pigments into our formulas.   They are "translucent" so you still see your wood, the pigments acting like micro sized sun glasses that absorb U.V. energy and make your oils and sealer solids last longer.  


Our Colors:

Clear- Least U.V. protective.  See below *.

Cedar Tone-  achieves a Goldish tint.  

Redwood Tone-  Red!  Usually too "red toned" for most people) on blonde woods like new Cedar and Pine,  BUT GREAT ON DARKER   WOODS AND REDWOOD!  Got Redwood?  Use out Redwood Tone!

Mahogany Tone-  A reddish brown tone.   

Dark Teak-  Going towards Brown in translucent color.

Brown-  This is our darkest, and BROWNEST, stain we make.  Lots of sun blocking resistance, though, which brings greater durational benefit!

*-   Some people will reach for "Clear" (also frequently called "Natural") since they have had past problems with pigmented products.  As such, we make Clear with very little (though still some!) U.V. pigment.  We don't recommend it relative to our colored versions due to less durational performance, but we still make it for those we can't convince to use one of our colored versions.

Our Product Colors
Color Samples

Not sure the color that's for you?  Order samples first! Most of our Retailers have free samples.

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