Give Your Wooden Deck a Perfect Look With Our Top Quality Deck Stain Colors 

A deck plays a prominent role in making the outer appearance of a house good so keeping it in the best possible condition is mandatory. SunFrog understands that it is challenging to stain a deck hence, we manufacture products that will make this job easy. 

By using our products, you do not need to hire a pro deck stain service provider to clean and maintain your deck. Our cleaners have all those ingredients which are needed for the clean up of a deck. If you want to re-stain your deck, it is suggested to clean the old stain with our top quality products. Regardless of the wood type, your deck is made from, cleaning is an important step before staining any surface. 

Either your deck is made from natural wood or from composite wood, cleaning its surface thoroughly is required to give it a beautiful finish. We also have cleaning products for decks built from composite wood. So, if you are planning to re-stain your deck, grab our stains along with cleaners.     

SunFrog offers an Extensive Range of Deck Stains Colors 

SunFrog offers an extensive range of deck stain colors which are attractive and trendy as well. All of our deck stains are finest in quality and will give a smooth finish to your wooden deck. Our stain colors include: 

  • Cedar-Tone (Reddish Gold)

  • Brown (Brown)

  • Mahogany Tone (Reddish Brown)

  • Redwood Tone (Red)

  • Dark Teak (More Brownish than Mahogany Tone) 

Our stain colors are also applicable to fences and siding wood as these wooden surfaces also need to be stained after some time. If their old stain starts to peel off, it is better to re-stain them with good quality stain colors. Have a look at Lowe’s deck stain color chart and select a tone that you think will go the best with the theme of your house. 

Otherwise, our professionals can also give you some trendy deck stain color ideas, when you come to our store to shop. So, in case you are unclear about which stain color would go right with your deck, you can get guidance from our professional team. We will suggest colors that will enhance the exterior look of your house.

Pick Your Favorite Tone from Our Wide Range of Stains  

SunFrog is a well-reputed and leading company providing top quality deck stains all over Portland, US. We sell deck stain colors that are most popular, modish, and in fashion. Pick any of the tones from our stains which you think suits your deck well, we guarantee that every pick from our wide selection will give you the best outcomes.

SunFrog is committed to excellence and always does a good job of successfully preserving the natural look and beauty of your wooden items. We offer the best liquid as well as solid deck stain colors which are the highest in quality and give the best results. 

Pick your favorite tone from our stains and give your home a perfect look that goes beyond just painting. Grab our wood care products as they are specifically formulated to nourish the expensive wood of your property. 

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