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Sun Frog Deck Cleaner

&  Composite Deck Cleaner-  Super Strong

Acting But Garden Friendly, Too!

No Bleach or Acids.  Same product in both containers but instructions are different.  Bleach can be added to Composite Cleaner to kill Mold and "Slippery Slime Algae" but bleach takes color away permanently from wood and damages its surface fiber so it (Bleach) should not be on wood!.

Deck Cleaner_Quart (1)_edited.jpg
Cleaner Black Bucket Shopped.png
Composite Cleane Quart.jpg
Composite Cleaner Gallon.jpg

    Since 1991 people have told us: "Your Cleaner is the Best!"

Cleaned vs Uncleaned
Deck Cleaner in Action!
Deck Cleaner in Use.jpg
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