Revitalise Your Wooden Items with Sun Frog’s Top Quality Products

Mildew, dirt, and harsh weather conditions can ruin your exterior wooden items such as deck, fence and outdoor wooden doors. Fortunately, you can do something to save your wooden items by using our high-quality exterior stains and sealers. Unlike other local companies, Sun Frog is a renowned company and we have been satisfying our customers since 1991. Give our top quality products a try and breathe a new life into your wooden valuables. Our stains and sealers can deliver you professional results which you desire and deserve. They will not only enhance the outer appearance of your wooden deck or doors but will also give a smooth finish to the surface providing it with the nutrients it needs. This way you will be able to protect the wood from swelling even in extreme cold or hot conditions. Unfavorable weather conditions will not harm your wood anymore because now you can provide a long-lasting protection to your outdoor wooden property without facing wood issues such as chipping, cracking or flaking.

Treat Your Wood with Our Top-Notch Stains and Sealers

Our products work very well with many types of wood surfaces. Whether you want to treat your deck, fence or even wooden doors, you can take advantage of our wide range of stains and sealers. Our wood sealers and stains have all those essential elements which are needed by wood. They penetrate deep inside the wooden surface to nourish it not only from outside but also from inside. Our exterior door stain and sealer is one of the best creations of Sun Frog. They provide a quality finish to the wooden doors, leaving them beautiful than ever. Our exterior wood treatment colors are superior in quality than others as they are easy to apply and will help you to maintain the beauty and natural look of your doors and deck. Pick from our vast variety of trendiest and amazing wood colors as they are highly pigmented. While our stains impart rich color to your doors and decks, our sealers lock the moisture and nutrients inside the wood, keeping the wood conditioned and alive from inside.

Guaranteed and Result Oriented Products 

All our products are practically tested and are safe to use on wooden items. Not only this, our wide range of stains will protect your deck from water and our sealers will lock the stain inside, giving it a natural glow. Moreover, they will also protect your deck from direct UV rays. In this way, our products will protect your wood from rotting and swelling, thus decreasing the risk of splintering. Our revitalizing exterior deck products are easy to apply hence, making the work easier and convenient for homeowners. Our all products are 100% result oriented and will protect your wooden items as well as restore their lost beauty. We have been satisfying our customers for more than the last 25 years with our guaranteed products. At Sun Frog you can get the most popular deck stain colors having amazing shades. Now revive the appearance of your faded and dull wooden deck, doors and fences with Sun Frog’s top quality products.