Sun Frog- Providing Low Maintenance Solutions for Your Ipe Wood Decking

No doubt, Ipe wood is one of the most amazing and beautiful wood types. It is one of the hardest and strongest woods and has naturally resisting properties against weather, insects, and decay. It is almost five to six times stronger than any other wood. Decks made of ipe can look amazing, too, with periodic oil-based sealing. Sun Frog is a low maintenance Ipe aide!  Just oil, wipe down, let dry and ENJOY!   You can let your Ipe go Gray, but it looks better treated with Sun Frog!   

Cleaning Ipe Wood Deck is Easier More Than Ever

Cleaning Ipe wood decking is easy!  Wet it with water, apply our cleaner,  brush, then rinse.  Voila, a clean, better looking deck!  Now seal in the beauty with a Sun Frog Sealer!

Having an Ipe wood is an investment in quality.  Sun Frog "seals in" that quality!