Sun Frog- Providing Low Maintenance Solutions for Your Ipe Wood Decking

No doubt, Ipe wood is one of the most amazing and beautiful wood types. It is one of the hardest and strongest woods and has natural resisting properties against weather, insects, and decay. It is almost five to six times stronger than any other wood. Decks made up of ipe wood look amazing and also have a long life. Since everything needs maintenance after some period of time, so does your ipe wood decking. There is good news for homeowners having decks made up of ipe wood which is that Sun Frog is providing low maintenance decking solutions for your decks. Traditional ipe wood decks look trendy and exotic but you definitely need to reseal or refinish them with good quality products. Sun Frog has all those quality products which are needed for cleaning ipe wood decking and maintaining it. Now you can maintain the beauty of this South American wood at a very low budget with high-quality products.

Cleaning Ipe Wood Deck is Easier More Than Ever

Most homeowners think that ipe wood does not need any maintenance but it is not true. It can survive longer than any other wood but it still needs a little keep up after every few years. Cleaning ipe wood decking is a task which is difficult to accomplish without any cleaning product. Sun Frog has its products fully tested on all kinds of woods and these products are perfectly safe for them. Our cleaning products are considered as the best ones in the market and have a high demand. Our cleaners are specifically designed to clean all kinds of dirt, mold and all kind of stains from wooden decks either it is ipe wood decks or any other wooden deck.

Best Wood Sealers for Decks

If you have not taken notice of your ipe wood decking for a long time, thinking that it would never be needing any maintenance, then you must have noticed your ipe wood’s coloring turning into a silvery tone. Unluckily, if your ipe deck is changing its color into a lighter tone, it is not encouraging news for you because it means your wood is about to lose its beauty. In such a case you need to seal your deck with a good quality sealer so that it can help your ipe wood decking to restore its original form once again. Sun Frog is a professional provider of sealers that are serving many homeowners to fulfill their decking needs. In order to maintain the original form of your ipe wood decking, you need to apply sealer on it almost once a year. Sun Frog ensures to provide the highest quality sealers for wooden decks which are not harmful to them in any way.

Having a deck made up of ipe wood is a significant investment indeed and you can maintain it by spending a very little amount of money. Sun Frog guarantees to provide its customers with low maintenance decking products that are also long-lasting and durable. Even if you are looking for removing wood stains from your Ipe wood deck, then we have high-quality stains and removers for this purpose as well. Your ipe wood decking can last longer than you think if it is taken care of properly with the right products. All your decking needs can be fulfilled by Sun Frog Wood Sealers. So, if you want to boost your deck value, grab our products today and give them a try.