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Should I Clean Before Sealing the Deck?

Do you have a deck? Do you want to protect it with sealant but are unsure if it needs to be cleaned before sealing the deck? If so, read on!

Most people think that in order for a sealant to stick and last longer, they need to clean their decks before applying the product. However, this is not always true. There are many factors that will dictate whether or not your deck needs cleaning prior to being sealed.

These include things like type of wood (for example: cedar), how dirty/dusty your deck is, or what kind of weather conditions we're experiencing at the time of application. So don't worry about doing any deep cleaning just yet-just give us a call and we'll assess

Cleaning before sealing always improves end result beauty. Where wood has been previously sealed, cleaning before re-sealing helps remove the remaining old sealer and opens the wood better so the new application penetrates deeper, looks better, works better, and lasts longer.

Sealing over prior sealer results in film buildup, usually not a good idea. Sealing gray wood turns wood dark gray- usually not an aesthetically enhancing benefit, though the sealer will still perform its other functions whcih are listed below:

  • Keeping Water Out It results in less swell/shrink phases and reduces cracks

  • Keeping Wood Drier Less mildew and wood rot fungus grows

Result? For best results, seal clean, dry wood only. It looks great and keeps your wood looking younger and lasting longer!

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