• Dave MacAusland

We can't ignore our situation!!


It's not all about Money. We have big problems from the Trump Hater's having STOLEN an election and installed an illegitimate President. We must reverse this, whether you like Trump or not! The actions of this illegitimate President are RUINING our Country and if we don't recognize the cheating that took place in November, 2020, giving back to the rightful winner his 4 year term, the MESS we are looking at in our future will dwarf all previous problems our Country has ever surmounted. Trump was very inappropriately OK with excess spending, burying us with Fauci et al excess reaction, and he didn't have good enough judgement to get only good, and yes "conservative", people around him. While all to his and our detriment, EXCEPT FOR THE CHEATING THAT TOOK PLACE HE WON. He was beset with defending himself from lies and unfounded political attacks by the left, too, yet his policies were, by and large, otherwise GREAT nevertheless (my opinion). We should not allow the LEFT to do what they've done AND IT NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED, ASAP, NOT WHEN HE RUNS AGAIN (if he's not beset by FAKE BALLOTS, ONCE AGAIN!). Fair and honest elections are the hallmark of proper Democracy. One cognizant citizen, one vote. No buying of ballots; no harvesting of ballots from senile elders. No allowance of ballots not substantiated by documentation that they are from actual, registered voters. And States should corroborate that registered voters are singular, and actual citizens and not also registered and voting in other States, too! No Machines (!); we count the votes WITH BI-PARTISAN SUPERVISION and we safeguard the totals while they are similarly AND REPUTABLY ASSSEMBLED INTO TOTALS! Winners move forward; losers can try again. But to not be allowed to win (as happened in 2020 with Trump) because a minority in our country believes "they know what's best for us", or "he is not one of us and we Hate him", which is what happened as they manipulated the votes and ballots, this has the potential to rightly bring civil war to this country, especially when the cheating winner's policies ARE DISASTROUS FOR OUR SOCIETY as Biden's have been and will further be. Our Country was great until it was taken over by the left, both ideologically and now through cheating at the ballot box. Right now our Country isn't great because of them and and their STOLEN ELECTION. We need to re-install Trump BECAUSE WITHOUT THE FAKE AND ILLEGAL BALLOTS HE WON (!), accepting his imperfections (they are functionally less than so many other's), and reverse all the illegitimate legislation and appointments that Biden has foisted on us BY THE MARXIST LEFT WHICH IS BEHIND HIM. We wouldn't have allowed this to happen in our 3rd grade Class Elections, AND WE NEED TO REVERSE IT NOW, TOO!

Please use another Company's product if you disagree. Awful people deserve awful products, and with the Marxist Left running this country (as they are now) that is what we all will get, exclusively! We cannot just hope for the best, look the other way, or keep quiet. This is OUR Country and WE, EACH ONE OF US, NEEDS TO BE A PART OF SAVING IT!

Thank You. Dave MacAusland, owner, Sun Frog Products, Inc.

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