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Born Again Crystals Wood Color Rejuvenator Concentrate

Born Again Crystals Wood Color Rejuvenator Concentrate


Note: We have a $48 Ship Minimum so this will not ship alone as an order.  The order will be reversed.  Sorry & Thank You.


Contains crystal powders of Oxalic & Citric Acids.  When disolved in water (and dissolve in water only- do not add Bleach or any other chemicals!) and applied to pre-cleaned, wet wood (for instance after using our Deck Cleaner product), our Born Again Wood Color Rejuvenator reverses your wood's tannin darkening so your it shows it's fresh cut original color better.  This product is particularly important for Redwood (which has lots of Tannin), Cedar (Moderate Tannin) and helpful on many Hardwoods (Mahogany, IPE, etc.) to maximumly improve end-result aesthetic beauty to your sealing/finishng project.  It is not significantly useful on non-tanin woods like Pine and Treated Wood


16 ouce bag makes 5 to 15 gallons of Born Again solution and will do up to 3,000 square feet of surface brightening.  Keep Out Of Reach of Children and rinse well all surfaces that come in contact.


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