*California* 1-Gallon Deck Sealer- Not Shippable till March 2020



Higher Solids and Oils, Great UV Color Enhancing Pigments, and a human/pet friendly Biocide built-in to protect the Sealer from mold growth.  Still penetrates fast and dries with 24 or AT MOST 48 hours.  At LEAST one year of great protection and appearance enhancement, usually two and frequently three!  Protects, Looks Great, AND is easier to re-do than other products that use Urethanes, Acrylics, Waxes or Silicone!  Sun Frog Deck Sealer Is Great!


Choose from one of our 4 color tones:
-Clear (Least UV Protective)


Note: If we are shipping to California, this is the product we can ship to you.  It is as long-term structurally good as our Non-California version but more expensive to make since it has less, and defferent, VOC.  We legally cannot ship our less expensive Non-California formulation to California and will cancel your order if it is asking to ship our Non-California product to California.


Further Note:  We cannot ship AT ALL (!) to the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernadino or Riverside since ONLY 100 VOC or less products can be bought there and our California version is 250.

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