Big Deck Cleaner

Deck Cleaner Gallon


Ready to step out into the sun? Protect your deck from its toughest competitors: moisture and dirt! Our Deck Sealer is tough on stains but gentle on your wood surfaces, forming a clear film with it being supportive of all kinds of deck boards. You may notice that at bay time bugs are resisting to mess with your old home’s surface because our sealant is so strong yet so flexible.


Sun Frog Deck Sealer is helpful for anyone who has endured the pain of a wet deck surface. If your patio feels uncomfortable and unsafe because it’s too moist, then don’t take any risks - use our product to finally get back that nice feeling. Our Sealant helps you remove moisture off your deck by simply applying it to the wood with one easy coat. The film formed provides support so that humidity won't never ever build-up again


Our biodegradable, plant-friendly, cleaner is easy to use and has a wide array of applications. Besides Decks, clean your driveway! Mix in warm water, let it sit for 2, then brush, adding additional cleaner as necessary, then rinse. Besides Decks, it's great for cleaning Patios, Sidewalks, Driveways, Bricks, Fences, Gazebos, even boats! 


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Note: When ordered within an overall order including our sealer(s), this product will ship in 4 labeled quart bags, if possible, to save shipping cost.


Shipping included in price!