Sun Frog- Provider of the Most Popular Stain Colours for Your Deck

Having outdoor living spaces in homes is quite trendy nowadays as it adds extra space for kids as well as for adults to sit and have coffee. Not only this, but if you have your deck built by a professional deck builder, your outdoor space will definitely add charm to your house. Once your deck is constructed, it is done and so you can not alternate its structure easily. The thing which is interesting is that you can definitely stain it with amazing deck stain colors. You do not need any professional deck builder to do this job for you as your deck needs maintenance after every year and it will be costly to hire a professional each time. If you have the right and top-quality stain colors, you can do the job of maintaining your deck as a house owner. Sun Frog is providing the most popular deck stain colors that are helping a huge number of homeowners to give an exotic look to their outdoor living spaces.

Offering Wide Variety of Deck Stain Colors

Since we are the most experienced and professional company providing quality products for your decks, we know what is in trend nowadays and what is not. Our products are of top quality and are easy to use as well. If you want to add more beauty to your outdoor living space by staining the deck, our products are made for you. Sun Frog is offering the following five trendiest shades of deck stains:

  • Cedar-Tone (Goldish)

Cedar tone is among most popular deck stain colors and is seen on many decks. It is goldish yellow in color just like natural cedar. It benefits those having decks made up of cedarwood. If you have cedar deck at your place, our cedar tone stain is the best for it as it will maintain your deck’s natural weathered look. Moreover, if you want to give your deck a cedar wood look even if your deck is made up of some other wood, you still can go for our cedar tone stain.

  • Redwood Tone (Red)

It is reddish in tone and is best for decks made up of redwood. Redwood is one of the beautiful naturally occurring wood type but can lose its beauty after some time. In order to keep your redwood deck forever beautiful and new, our redwood tone stain can help you as it enhances redwood’s beauty.

  • Mahogany Tone

Our mahogany tone deck stain is the best for your mahogany deck. It not only enhances the natural beauty of mahogany but also penetrates deep inside to give it conditioning and protection against unfavourable weather conditions. However, if your deck is not of mahogany colour but you are fond of it, you can definitely stain your deck with our natural looking mahogany tone.

  • Dark Teak (Lightly Brownish)

Our dark teak wood stain is light brown in shade. You can apply it on your deck whether it is made up of teak or not. It will give your deck a natural teak look and will also protect your deck from decay.

  • Brown

If you want to add brown tone to your wooden deck, you can definitely grab our brown tone deck stain color. It will give your deck a beautiful natural looking brownish wooden surface and will protect it as well.