Sun Frog- Provider of the Best Deck Stains and Sealers

If you do not take care of your deck often then exposure to different weather conditions will damage your wooden deck, leaving it in a bad condition. Severe cold and heat conditions leave detrimental effects on the wooden surface of a deck, if it is not treated properly. You need to stain and seal your deck after some period of time, in order to maintain its beauty and longevity. Sun Frog provides the high-quality products to treat your wooden deck. We offer a wide range of products which will be enough to fulfill all your decking needs. No matter from which type of wood your deck is made up of, Sun Frog offers quality products to treat all kinds of wooden decks. Redwood and hardwood are the two expensive woods which many homeowners use for decking purposes. Many companies fail to provide the good quality products for these wood types as they need different treatment from other wood types. Sun Frog is proudly providing redwood decking sealers and stains and hardwood decking sealers and stains with guaranteed quality. Unlike other companies, Sun Frog understands the needs of these wood types and offer exactly what your wood needs.

Give a Nice Finish to Your Redwood Decking with Our Products

Redwood decks are very commonly found in the exterior of homes as its natural beauty attracts many homeowners. Unlike other wood types, redwood is not readily available which makes it expensive than others. Due to its high resistant qualities and durability, it has a longer life span as compared to other woods but it still needs treatment after some time. Many people have a false belief that redwood decking does not need any maintenance but it is not true. Every wood type needs maintenance after a fixed period of time. Sun Frog is proudly providing quality wood finishing products for redwood decks. Our redwood decking sealers and stains are prepared under experts’ supervision, which is why our products are totally reliable and will protect your wood from damage and decay. We offer a wide range of stains, pick from our stains for your redwood deck give it what it deserves. Our sealers protect the stain from flaking and also give it a beautiful shiny finish.

Protect Your Hardwood Decking with Our Top-Notch Products

Hardwood is one of the strongest and most durable wood type, which is why, it is preferred by many house owners for decking purposes. Decks made up of hardwood are commonly found in many houses and due to its rigid and strong appearance, it is often left untreated by people which is not good. Like all other wood types, hardwood also needs maintenance. Sun Frog offers top quality hardwood decking sealers and stains that are rich with all those components that are needed by hardwood. If your hardwood decking is losing its beauty, choose from our stains and they will surely add a handsome hue to your old decking. By seeping inside the wooden surface, our sealers protect the stain from evaporating and also provide the lost nutrients to your deck. Sun Frog is the best-known company offering revitalizing exterior deck products which you should definitely try.