Re-staining Your Old Deck with Sun Frog’s Products

Deck is an integral component of any house and must be kept well maintained. It is important to take care of the deck to ensure its longevity and enhance the look of the house as well. As everything has limited life so has the stain of a deck. When the years pass by, even the good quality wood stain can start peeling off the deck’s surface. Sun Frog understands all your deck needs and offers solutions to almost all the stain related problems. Our products are made to save your money and energy by giving you excellent results in a very short time. There are some ways of saving your worn-out deck from further damage by having good quality products for staining deck over the old stain. Yes! You can definitely stain a deck that has already been stained. When you notice that your deck is old enough and is showing some signs of ageing, it is time to re-stain it for its maintenance. If you want to re-stain your old deck, you should consider Sun Frog, because we have all those products that could be needed by you during the process. By having our products by your side and by following some simple steps, you can definitely achieve the best results.

Best Deck Stain Removers at Affordable Rates

The first task is to clean the surface of your deck from a good stain remover. Water-based stain removers are convenient to use and can easily remove the old stain that is already peeling off. Sun Frog has the best stain removers which can definitely help you to get what you want. First of all, remove all the possible dirt and debris by sweeping off the deck’s surface. When you are done with it, your deck surface will be ready to have a layer of a good quality deck cleaner. Once you have properly applied a sufficient amount of the cleaner to the deck, leave the rest of the job on it. According to the given instructions, rinse off the product carefully and leave it for drying. You will see how our deck cleaner will not only remove the dry flakes of peeled off stain but will also remove leaf marks, dirt, algae, mold and mildew. Our product is a special water-based stain remover formulae which is easy to use. It penetrates deep into the wood and cleans the deck. Now make the task of removing old stain and other marks from your deck easy by using our top quality deck stain removers.

Stain the Deck with Your Favourite Colour

After removing all the unnecessary stains from your deck, your deck will be ready to get stained again. Sun Frog offers a wide range of porch stain colours which you would definitely want to have on your deck. We offer cedar tone which is goldish in colour, mahogany tone which is reddish-brown in colour, dark teak which is lightly brownish, redwood tone which is red and brown tone as well. Our deck stains will not only add beauty to your deck but also have special water-resistant qualities which will prevent your wood from damage. Give our stains and stain removers a try for water and oil-based stain removal, and you will definitely love them!