Re-staining Your Old Deck with Sun Frog’s Products

Decks are an integral part of many houses and should be well maintained. It is important to take care of the deck to ensure its longevity and enhance the look of the house as well. As everything has limited life, so does the stain of a deck. When years pass, even the good quality wood stains tire and need replacing. Sun Frog understands your deck's needs and offers solutions to almost all the stain related problems. Our products are made to save you money and energy, too, by giving you excellent results every time (when directions are followed or you call for advice). 

Best Deck Stain Removers at Affordable Rates

The first task is to clean the surface of your deck using a good sealer & stain remover.  Sun Frog Deck Cleaner does this on previously used penetrating stains and sealers.  It removes all the possible dirt and debris from the deck’s surface. When dry, your deck surface will be ready to have Sun Frog Wood Sealer, Finish & Stain applied.   It'll "Make Your Wood Look Good!"  Note:  If you need a stripper (for hard shiny finishes or to remove paint), though we make one and sell it at many of our at retail partners, we can't ship it because of it's chemical makeup so you'll need to find one locally.    Because of their expensive Caustic Chemical Makeup and the quantity usually needed, using film-forming coatings on exposed woods like decks, fences, furniture & planters, which require Strippers to remove when these coatings start failing, is usually a bad idea!  Stick with penetrating oil-based solutions like our Exterior Wood Sealer, Finish & Stain and save your self time, money and work while you like your wood at least as well anyway!