Exterior Wood Products To:

Protect Your Pad!

Exterior Sealer, Finish & Stain
( Thru 2019 Was "DECK SEALER")
Great for DECKS  and all Exterior Natural Woods- Siding, Fences, Gazebo's, Pergolas, Wood Furniture, ETC.!
Twice Rated by Deck Builder Magazine as Better than Nationally Known Brands!

 Shingle, Siding & Log Sealer For 

Vertical and Rough Sawn Woods

"SS", our less thinned Sealer, is formulated for maximum oil/resin loading and best long-term protection for RoughSawn and Vertical Woods.  Not for Decks or Furniture due to excessive dry time. 

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 Cleaners (Wood & Composite) + Wood Brightener

Our Deck Cleaner removes dirt, mold, weathered wood fiber and old sealer, getting your wood ready for sealing or brightening and sealing. 

Our Born Again reverses Tanin Darkening to Rejuvenate Wood Color.

For Composites our Composite Deck Cleaner safely removes dirt, some surface stains & "Slippery Slime Algae" from composite surfaces.

examples of sun Frog In Action:

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Sealer Available in Clear & 5  Colors:

-Clear- Minimal Color Change but Least UV Protective

-Cedar Tone (Goldish)

-Redwood Tone (Red)

-Mahogany Tone (Reddish Brown)

-Dark Teak* (Lightly Brownish)

-Brown* (Brown!) 

*  (Deck Only, Not in Shingle Siding) 

Give us a try and become a Frogger!  More Oil and less "Foil" (no hard shiny finish on the surface of your wood to weather badly and be difficult to replace!). Sun Frog LOOKS NATURAL, LAST LONG, AND IS EASIER TO REDO THAN MOST OTHERS.



Wood is Good- Treat and protect it with Sun Frog!


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Sun Frog is an American Product!  Made in Portland, Oregon!