Our Sealers Protect Your Pad!
Sun & Water Protection for Exterior Wood!    Beauty, Too!

What is, and why use, Sun Frog?  Like a Frog that goes in and out of water AND IS HAPPY IN BOTH, our Sealer helps your Exterior Woods deal successfully with its environment.  We use the best oils, resins, UV absorbing transparent pigments and other ingredients to help your wood be "Water Tight & Sun Protected", while also looking Beautiful!  ALSO, WE LAST LONG AND ARE EASIER TO REDO THAN MANY OTHER ALTERNATIVES, IMPORTANT IN HELPING TO PROTECT YOUR PAD!  
5-Gallon Pail
Exterior Sealer, Finish & Stain
For Decks, Fences, Gazebo's, Wood Furniture, Planters, Natural Home Siding,  Logs Homes, ETC! 
Wood Is Good so Protect & Beautify It! 

Our Sealer has been Twice Rated by Deck Builder Magazine's Great Stain Shoot-Out Articles to be 
Better Than National Brands!

Prep Products
Clean, Renew, Seal &  Done!

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   And For Composites:
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     Note:  We have APPLICATION TOOLS too!
       Info + Products + Tools  = Success!
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We've got the Tools that help, too. Full set purchase SAVES MONEY and gets a FREE ORGANIZING BAG, too! Use them, Clean them, Bag them, Store them and
be ready for next time!

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examples of sun Frog In Action:


Sealer Available in Clear & 5  Colors:
-Clear- Minimal Color Change but Also Least UV Protective (Lasts less long).
Maximum UV Protective Versions:

-Cedar Tone (Goldish Tone)
-Redwood Tone (Reddish Tone)
-Mahogany Tone (Reddish Brown Tone)
-Dark Teak (Lightly Brownish)
-Brown (Really Brown!) 

Retailer Sealer Display
Sealer Colors
Sealer Samples
Samples Available!

Give us a try and become a Frogger!  More Oil and less "Foil" (no hard shiny finish on your wood's surface to weather badly, scratch, and be difficult to replace!). Sun Frog LOOKS NATURAL, LASTS LONG, AND IS EASIER TO REDO THAN MOST OTHERS!   
Wood is Good- Treat and protect it with Sun Frog!

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 Made in Portland, OR  since 1991! 

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