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        Deck Sealer- For Decks, Furniture & Smooth Sawn Woods
Formulated for quick penetration and

fastest dry- Important concerns for Decks & Wood Furniture!

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       Shingle, Siding & Log Sealer

For Vertical and Rough Sawn Woods

"SS", our less thinned Sealer, is formulated for maximum oil/resin loading and best long-term protection.  Suitable where longer dry time can be tolerated.  Not recommended for Decks or Furniture. 

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Our Deck Cleaner removes dirt, mold, weathered wood fiber and old sealer, getting wood ready for sealing.  For Composites, Composite Deck Cleaner removes dirt, some surface stains & "Slippery Slime Algae"

   Sun frog:

Our Products Keep Your Woods Protected yet Looking Natural!

How?  Just Clean, Possibly Brighten, Then Seal!

Sealing A Deck

See Sun Frog In Action:

Available in Clear & 4 Colors:

Cedar Tone

Redwood Tone

Mahogany Tone

Brown (Deck Only, Not in Shingle Siding) 

2017 Deck Builder Magazine Front_edited.


Sun Frog Rated in Top 5

Amongst National Brands


Professional Deck Builder Magazine

See "Great Stain Shoot-Out" Article



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