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How much Sealer will my project take?:
The condition of the wood will affect how much Sun Frog the wood will absorb.  Typically, coverage for Decking will be 180-240 square feet per gallon,  Rough Sawn woods have more openess and surface area and take more Sealer- expect AT MOST 180 square feet per gallon to get good surface saturation.  New woods will get a bit more than these guidelines; older wood never previously sealed will be very porous and thirsty so expect 20% less than these guidelines.
When should I apply?    Sealing on cold days (50 F and below) is not recommended as water moisture is slow to exit the wood and your wood will be less thirsty, resulting in an inferior seal.  We recommend sealing in 60+ F temperatures or greater, though less than 95 F (for personal comfort reasons!).   As such, SEAL DRY WOOD in ambient conditions for best absorption, personal comfort and best ultimate performance.  Also, make sure no rain is expected for 2 days so your seal can "set" and not water spot, especially with decks.
Should I do "Two Coats"?  
No, since the first coat, if allowed to dry more than 4 hours or so, will hold out penetration of the second coat.  INSTEAD, APPLY AS MUCH AS THE WOOD WILL ABSORB IN ONE "TOTAL APPLICATION"- IF THE "FIRST COAT" REALLY SOAKS IN and the wood looks like it will take more, give it a light "2nd coat" immediately (THIS IS "WET ON WET APPLICATION" and the second LIGHT wet application should be done within two hours of the first) and that's it!.   
Do Not Overapply!
On horizontal surfaces (Decks and Furniture), remove any still-wet excess (puddles especially) after two hours of application since any excess still existing then is overapplication, Excess product allowed to dry on the surface weathers poorly and is more work to take off later.  LEAVING MINIMAL EXCESS DOES NOT REMOVE SEALER THAT PENTRATED FILLS YOUR WOOD AND IN THIS WAY YOUR SEAL WILL DRY THE FASTEST, LOOK THE BEST,  LAST THE LONGEST, AND BE EASIEST TO RE-DO.
Use age Guidelines (Older Deck):
1 Gallon of Sun Frog Deck Sealer = 200 square feet Max.  Example: 900 Square foot deck? Then 900/200 = 4.5 gallons
ORDER A 5 GALLON PAIL, HAVE ENOUGH & SAVE MONEY! Leftovers? Do your planters!
Storage of Opened Containers:
Our product dries by exposure to oxygen in the air.  As such, make sure to close containers well after use. 
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